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Academic Planning Unit

Prof. Bolanle Aishat Akinwande

Prof. Bolanle Aishat Akinwande


The Structure of the Academic Planning Unit

The Academic Planning Unit is an integral part of Vice Chancellor's office and is headed by a Director. The Director of Academic Planning Unit reports directly to the Vice Chancellor to whom he/she is directly responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Unit. In addition to the Director, other staff members are Academic Planning Officer (Statistician), Administrative Officer, Secretary, Typist, Clerical Staff and Office Assistant. The unit also makes use of assigned staff like Youth Corp Members and Students with Digital orientations on Internship Training (I.T.).




·         Advising and assisting the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to the academic thrusts of the University such as staffing and academic development programmes.

·         Quality control of the university activities by guiding each unit on operation of the University academic brief.

·         Seeking Clarification from National Universities Commission (NUC) on academic matters and providing such to appropriate sections of the University through the Vice-Chancellor.

·         Maintaining a computer-based data bank on student and staff statistics for use in planning, budgeting and other management requirements.

·         Coordinating the preparation of periodic strategic plans for the university.
Coordinating and collating information 
for NUC for national planning purposes.

·         Participation in the review of academic programme curricular of the University and evaluation of proposal for new academic programmes.

·         Playing advisory role in the establishment of new additional unit, programme, faculty and college.

·         Processing proposals of new programmes, faculty and college to NUC.

·         Coordinating and guiding academic units/departments for purposes of programme accreditation and continuous quality assurance.

·         Coordination of NUC accreditation exercise of all existing academic programmes in the University.

·         Coordination of accreditation exercise of Professional bodies such as COREN, ARCON, MDCN, and ICAN.

·         Determination of the carrying capacity for programmes of the University.

·         Promoting of the quality of teaching, learning and research in the university through periodic evaluation of academic activities in the University.

·         Initiation of policies for identified priorities in the academic development of the University for the consideration of senate through the development committee.

·         Providing academic liaison between LAUTECH and external bodies, both local and foreign, e.g., Association of African Universities (AAU).

The Director of Academic Planning serves as a member of the following university bodies and commission e.g., Senate, Postgraduate School Board and Development Committee.