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Notable achievements of the Academics Planning Unit

  • Organization of the 1st LAUTECH Research and Development Fair. 
  • Initiation of the 5-year Strategic Plan for the University.
  • Collaboration with the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in organization of public lecture.
  • Coordination of institutional Accreditation in November 2011.
  • Coordination of the University team to the National Science and Technology Exhibition Week.
  • Coordination of NUC system wide Programme Audit of Nigerian Universities in LAUTECH.
  • Preparation of Annual Report: 
  1. The Re-awakening of LAUTECH 2010/2011 Annual Report.
  2. LAUTECH 2011/2012 Annual Report.
  3. LAUTECH 2013 Annual Report.
  4. LAUTECH 2014 Annual Report.
  5. LAUTECH 2015 Annual Report.

• Contribution towards national ranking of LAUTECH as the best state University and number four overall by NUC in 2021 ranking exercise.